Penn State Student Patrick Henry

"Living On Campus Allows You to Meet a lot of New People"

With a major in general engineering alternative energy track, Penn State student Patrick Henry knows the importance of careful time management. Living on campus has benefitted him in his studies. “As an engineering student, I have a lot of work,” says Patrick. “Living on campus makes it easier to study with other people. We can all just go to the Cafe, come back to the suites, and study as a group. It makes that easier.”

Patrick feels being an on-campus resident has given him the most fulfilling college experience possible. “You won’t feel the college experience living at home,” Patrick says. “It’s hard to make friends when you’re commuting. Living on campus allows you to meet a lot of new people.”

Although Patrick and his friends are certainly busy students, they make time for fun activities in their rooms and around campus. “When we get a chance, we play things like Mario Kart,” says Patrick. “A lot of fun memories are from playing that and getting so competitive over the game.”